abril 09, 2009

Walking away

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I wish I didn’t need closure
so I could pick up my pieces,
and take with me only what will make me smile tomorrow
but I’m not that wise.

I wish you had wanted me to see you
so we could have done less pretending and more sharing
less easy jokes and more real talks
but you’re not that brave.

I wish I hadn’t let you bite more than you could chew
so we could walk, laugh, cry and grown
but we’re not us anymore.

I wish you hadn’t smoked pot so much.

5 comentarios:

Michelle AJ dijo...

"The privilege to spend a year by a woman's side will heal you and accompany you for ever"... if only men knew!

The one that will know, even without understanding completely, will be the one you are getting ready for. You are, in the meanwhile, getting rid of the dead weight, the old skin, the bad habits...

Walk away. Breathe away. Write away. Cry away. Dance away. Sing out loud, and live. LIVE, LOVE, you before anything else.

I adore you little-biggest-star.

germinado de soya dijo...

Pues ánimo, todo se pasa, luego hasta risa da que ni del nombre te acuerdas. Lo padre es irte llenando de experiencias, de aprender y aprender, de vivir. Un abrazo.

jj dijo...

Animo; y taranquila que la vida sigue siendo bella...

you are leting it all out and that is the first step for the closure you are looking for..

My best wishes to you

germinado de soya dijo...

¿No te encanta esta de Radiohead?
"I don´t wanna be your friend,
I just wanna be your lover,
no matter how it ends,
no matter how it starts..."
Keep playing it all day long.

serpentina dijo...

jj: Definitivamente, estás en lo cierto. Gracias a una filosofía muy similar ahora puedo decir que estoy del otro lado.
Germinado: Denial, denial...
(si supieras qué tanto le diste al clavo no sólo te sorprenderías; seguro me abofetearías. Harías bien.)